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Ha Giang Destinations

Ha Giang is a city located on the banks of the Lô River in the north-east region of Vietnam. It is the capital of Ha Giang Province. The city has an area of 135.33 km² and a population of 71,689 inhabitants. The population is composed of 22 different ethnicities, of which 55.7% are Kinh and Tày people.


Ha Giang province is a highly mountainous region. Much of the province is too mountainous for agriculture, leaving much of the land covered by forests. Ha Giang's central plateau is good for growing plums, peaches, and persimmons, which the province exports. Tea is also grown.

Ha Giang is one of the poorest provinces of Vietnam. Traditionally, the vast majority of its economic activity revolved around agriculture and forestry, but in recent years, there have been attempts to establish a manufacturing industry. Infrastructure in Ha Giang has seen improvement, but remains poor - roads, schools, and health services are less developed than in many other parts of Vietnam.

Ha Giang City

H'Mong Tribe

Hagiang Landscape

A H'mong King's Palace


1 Destinations in Ha Giang
The Old Quarter in Dong Van are famous with the traditional terracotta-coloured adobe houses here, with timber details and slouchy tiled roofs, date from the French colonial period.