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Inle Lake Destinations

Inle lake is a second biggest freshwater lake in Myanamar, it covers over 117 km2, and locates at elevation of 900m. This vast lake is located in the heart of Shan State which shares borders with Thai & Laos; it's one of the hightest lakes of Myanmar at an altitude of 900 metres above sea level. In dry season, it is the average water depth is 2,2 m, with the deepest point being 12 feet (3.7 m), but during the rainy season this can increase by 5 feet (1.5 m).. More than 30 hill tribes are living in the mountains nearby the lakeside, and many of them live on the houses on stilt in the water..

In June 2015, it became Myanmar's first designated place of World Network of Biosphere Reserves

Fishing in the lake

The best way to get into Inle Lake is the domestic flight, the most comfortable and fast, You will arrive in Heho Airport and then get a taxi ride for 1 hour . Off course, you can get a bus trip to the Lake as almost Burmese people do, but it is quite unconfortable ( from Yangon City to the lake is 12 hours, and from Mandalay is 7 hours , Yangon is 660 km away by road, Mandalay 330 km)

Inle Lake, natural and unpolluted, is famous for its scenic beauty and the unique leg-rowing of the Inthas, the native lake-dwellers. Moreover, floating villages, colorful daily floating market and Inle Spa are places worthy of visit.

Many hotels are very standard in the city, the Shan food is a favourite dish in Myanmar and one can get to eat the delicious food in Inle Lake. Handicraft, souvenirs and Shan dresses are also available for you to take back home.

A wonderful watery world of floating gardens, stilted villages and crumbling stupas, Inle Lake is an absolute must. Mountains tumble down towards the lakeshore, blurring the distinction between heaven and earth.

For many travellers, Inle is heaven on earth, a place to while away the days canoeing, cycling and walking through the lush countryside. The Intha people are famous for their leg rowing, although these days many just turn it on for the tourists.

There is even a monastery where meditating monks have taught the cats to jump – that’s enlightenment for you. Inle deserves to be savoured, not rushed, and many travellers end up staying for longer than they expected.

The best time of the year to visit is during September and October. The ceremonial Hpaung Daw U Festival, which lasts for almost three weeks, is closely followed by the Thadingyut festival of lights. Inthas and Shan turn out in their best clothes in great numbers to celebrate the Buddhist Lent. Traditional boat racing, with dozens of leg-rowers in Shan dress in a team on each boat, is a famous event during the Hpaung Daw U Festival.

A religous festival in the lake