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Cambodia Travel style

6 tours in Heritage Tours
6 days 5 nights
Cambodia 6 day tour will take you to 2 main cities in Cambodia:
$300 - $450
27 days 26 nights
You need almost a month to discover the charm of these 2 countries. Vietnam and Cambodia are very popular for travelers, because there are many famous attractions
$3000 - $3350
4 days 3 nights
Discover the bygone elegance of travel aboard the majestic Jahan. Just as Indian art and architecture influenced the Khmer and Cham cultures in the Mekong Delta, the stunning artistry of The Jahan will inspire you, as will the delta’s vibrant beauty.
$900 - $1000
5 days 4 nights
Angkor Wat is the best sight-seeing, fine arts and history in Cambodia, listed by UNESCO as one of New 7 World's Wonders. You can not miss this place when you visit Indochia ( Vietnam, laos, Cambodia)
$250 - $320
7 days 6 nights
This 7 day tour will cover all the highlights in Cambodia, the highlights of the trip: Visit Phnom Penh Capital, Countryside, Siem Reap, Angkor Temples, the biggest lake Tonle Sap
$700 - $950
6 days 5 nights
This tour covers 2 great destinations in Cambodia ( from the capital to the city of Angkor). Only 1 week, you can explore the best of Cambodia
$550 - $800