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Pakse Destinations

Pakse ( Pakxe) is a most populous city in the Southern provinces of Laos, a central capital of Champasack Province, and even a second populous city in Laos, and it is located in the confluence of the Xe Don and Mekong Rivers, on the banks of the Mekong River.

Pakse was the capital of Champasack Kingdom until 1946.

Population: 90,000 people

Pakse is home to many ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people. The population is predominantly Buddhist, but Pakse has a Catholic church.

The city was built by the French in 1905, and today you can walk around to see the old French style quarter. 

Pakse has a very tropical warm temperature in the whole year. but there are 2 main seasons, wet season lasts from April to October, and dry season lasts from November to March.Pakse Gateway: International Airport is 8 kilometers north of town and Lao Arlines offers scheduled flights to Vientiane, Savannakhet, Siem Reap, Bangkok, and Ho chi minh city.


Pakse is a good base for travel to the Bolaven Plateau where coffee fields and waterfalls galore await, the idyllic river islands of Si Phan Don, also known as 4,000 Islands, eco-tours, trekking and village stays in Sepian National Protected Area, the Angkor temple complex Wat Phou, and to the indigenous villages and waterfalls of the Tad Lo area of Lao Ngam district, Salavan province.

Wat Luang. the biggest and most beautiful temple of Pakxe, and home of Buddhist Monk School

Mekong Bank. was the most popular place and night centre point of PakxeBig Buddha - Phou Salao. In Aug 2011 a 'Big Buddha' temple complex was built across the river, adjacent to the Japanese bridge. More than a few steps to the top, a great view of the river and cityMouth of the Xedong river meeting the Mekong. The meeting of these two rivers is where Pakse gets its name

Wat Phou: is located 43 km south of Pakse, Wat Phou is a designated UNESCO site and boasts of as Laos’s counterpart to Angkor Wat/Angkor Thom: its the finest of its type outside Cambodia

Don Kho is an island in the Mekong River. Don Kho and the village of Ban XA Phai (15 Km north of Pakse) are centers of silk weaving