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Local Laws & Customs

08/11/16 12:37 1050

Under Burmese law, insulting religion is a prosecutable offence. Insulting religion is a broad term, and can include any disrespectful depiction or image (including tattoos) of Buddha or other religious representation, or wearing any tattoo of Buddha anywhere below the waist.

Respect religious customs when visiting Buddhist religious sites. Shorts and sleeveless tops will cause offence. You should remove shoes and socks before entering a pagoda or monastery.

Drugs: Penalties for drug trafficking range from a minimum sentence of 15 years imprisonment and can include the death penalty.

Homosexuality is technically illegal in Burma, although these laws are rarely enforced in practice

Burma is a party to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

Over 800 species of animals and plants are banned from international trade and a further 30,000 are strictly controlled by the legislation. You should consider the restrictions on the export of endangered species when deciding whether to buy exotic souvenirs, including those made from turtles.


Taboos in life

- The man's conception of Myanmar society is quite heavy, some sacred temples prohibit women not to shy statue, not to stand in the man's region, not to plate the gold leaf in the sacred temple; even more taboo that woman is not to overlap her head on the man's arms, because this man will lose strength, and his spirit is no longer good

- The Burmese consider a person's head top must be respected , so others do not touch his head, even should not touch the head of the adorable children . When the donation or gift for the elderly, do not use the right hand because his right hand is considered as unclean corrupted people.

- The Burmese consider the EAST as luck, goodness . it is believed that the East is the place for the purity of the Buddha. That is why the Buddhist shrine in Myanmar families are usually placed close to the eastern wall of the main room. So during sleep, certainly the head must turn eastward, Not Westward. That's the way to respect Buddha, and get good luck.

- For multiple reasons, about 30% of women in major cities of Myanmar not to get married. In the office, this rate can be up to 50%. So among the communication, you should not ask women about family, husband and children. The Burmese people do not hug or kiss in the public. If you use your foot to point something , will be considered as impolite action.

- Also killing animals should be avoided in Myanmar . Burmese people do not go to the market to buy poultry, shrimp, fish, cattle that are alive .. usually to buy meat, dead fish. Quite many Burmese people don't eat the buffalo meat or cow meat, they think these animals are friends of people or useful domesticated animals . Eating dog meat is a taboo and a abhorrence in Myanmar.


Many shops, banks and other services close during public holidays, so it's best find out when the Myanmar public holidays are planned for your 2017.
The currency of Myanmar (Burma) is the Burmese Kyat, You should expect to rely on cash for most of your stay; preferably US dollars. Once in country it’s easy to exchange US dollars into Kyats and exchange rates are generally fair
Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate. It is characterized by strong monsoon influences, has a considerable amount of sun, a high rate of rainfall, and high humidity that makes it sometimes feel quite uncomfortable. There are three distinct seasons in Myanmar: The cold , dry season, and wet season
The vast majority of people in Myanmar are friendly and helpful, In all the areas that foreigners are allowed to visit, Myanmar is very safe in terms of personal security: incidents of crime against foreigners are extremely low and Yangon is considered to be one of Asia’s safest large cities, with no areas that need to be avoided.
Most medical facilities in Burma are inadequate for even routine medical care. In an emergency, you would likely need to be medically evacuated to a hospital outside Burma. Medical evacuation from Burma is expensive and is most often transacted in cash
Most foreign nationals require a visa to enter Myanmar, You should apply for your visa at a Burmese embassy or consulate abroad before you arrive in Burma, Tourist visas are valid for 28 days
The government has encouraged tourism in the country Since 1992, Although the the infrastruture are still very poor, the foreigner find very difficult to travel in country by train or by bus, the airlines are too expensive for even a short distance. The most popular destinations for visitors are Mandalay and Yangon, Ancient Bagan, the nature of Inle Lake, Hpa An and other sites in the Southern Myanmar, also the beauty of the South Coast.