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Cambodia Travel style

5 tours in Through Country Tours
6 days 5 nights
Cambodia 6 day tour will take you to 2 main cities in Cambodia:
$300 - $450
27 days 26 nights
You need almost a month to discover the charm of these 2 countries. Vietnam and Cambodia are very popular for travelers, because there are many famous attractions
$3000 - $3350
13 days 12 nights
Immerse yourself in the cultures of Cambodia and Laos on a 13-day tour through these beautiful countries. Explore the incredible Angkor complex, experience rural life with a local family, admire the French-style architecture of Phnom Penh and pay your respects with a visit to the Killing Fields. Then head to Laos and tour the breathtaking scenery around Vang Vieng before finishing up in the atmospheric city of Luang Prabang.
$1500 - $1600
7 days 6 nights
This 7 day tour will cover all the highlights in Cambodia, the highlights of the trip: Visit Phnom Penh Capital, Countryside, Siem Reap, Angkor Temples, the biggest lake Tonle Sap
$700 - $950
6 days 5 nights
This tour covers 2 great destinations in Cambodia ( from the capital to the city of Angkor). Only 1 week, you can explore the best of Cambodia
$550 - $800