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Mai Chau Destinations

MAI CHAU and the nearby villages are in a valley around 150km from Hanoi and only 150 metres above sea level.

Nestled between two towering cliffs and surrounded by emerald green paddies, it is an enchanting sight as you approach down the windy cliff side road and the villages and surrounding countryside present an idyllic rural scene that could easily charm you into staying longer than intended.

The budget accommodation option is a 'homestay' in a stilt house in one of the ethnic White Thai villages a short walk from Mai Chau town: Ban Poom Coong, Ban Lac 1 and Ban Lac 2.

The best time to visit Mai Chau is between October and April, as outside of these times Mai Chau can become unbearably hot, particular in June through to August, and if you're staying in a homestay you'll find little respite from the heat as electricity doesn't come on until the evening. That said, some good deals can be had on the pricier hotel options out of season.

There are no ATMs or banking options for travellers, but in town there is an Agribank that can convert Dollars to Dong, though your host in the village is likely to be no stranger to the greenback. You will also find a money changer located in the central market, just look for the electronics shop and ask for Dong.

Lac Village where you can have home stay ( House in Stilt)